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All About Us!

Airflex Pro Hot Water Extraction Machine

What we do!

  • When we get your call we will arrange to visit your home and survey the areas that you require to be cleaned.
  • Then carry out fibre tests on the items to be cleaned, test the type of construction of the carpet or upholstery, then test for colour fastness and PH level.
  • In conjunction with you we will complete a full survey form, detailing what we find, treatment/s required and all importantly the total cost of the work to be carried out. 
  • You then have a fully detailed quote, in writing from a reputable company that will not be adding extras after we arrive to carry out the work.
  • The price we quote is the price you pay!
  • Payment is to be made as per our Terms and Conditions as outlined on the T&C's Page, either bank transfer, cheque,  or  cash on or before the day of the clean

How we do it!

My preferred method of cleaning carpets is hot water extraction; commonly referred to as “Steam Cleaning”. This follows the National Carpet Cleaners Association PAS.86 Standard.  I have invested over £12,000 in the most modern portable equipment available.

However, we can also offer Low moisture or very low moisture cleaning where required. 

Other elements of the cleaning process are required to achieve the best possible results, these are recommended by the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association), of which I am a proud member.

There can be a temptation to leave out one or more of these processes to save time. However, I rarely book more than one customer a day, which allows me enough time to clean your carpets thoroughly using this 8 stage process.

  1. Room Preparation. I can move items of  furniture, such as sofas and chairs, bearing in mind H&S restrictions. For insurance reasons I ask all customers to move smaller or valuable items such as ornaments before I arrive.
  2. Vacuum.  I vacuum your carpets using a powerful professional Sebo commercial vacuum cleaner. You will be amazed at what this is capable of picking up after you have vacuumed.
  3. Carpet Treatment. Depending on the carpet type any spots or stains will be treated at this point. The nature of the stain and fibre must first be determined before any attempt to remove is made.
  4. Pre-Spray. Next your carpet will be pre-sprayed which will help break up any dirt and stains still present in your carpet.
  5. Agitation. The pre-spray will be agitated into the carpet with a specially designed machine with contra rotating brushes, I use a Pro35 CRB machine, which lifts the carpet pile and allows the pre-spray to get deep into the carpet
  6. Hot water extraction or more commonly known as steam cleaning. For this I use a very powerful machine , with its own instantaneous heating system.. It applies a fine jet of steaming hot solution under high pressure directly into the carpet fibres, it is then immediately extracted using powerful vacuum pumps. This is performed almost simultaneously, therefore not allowing the base of the carpets to become soaked. Thus, considerably speeding up the drying time.
  7. Replace Furniture. Finally furniture is replaced on either Styrofoam blocks or foil tabs. This prevents any residual moisture in the carpet from leeching furniture stain that might otherwise spoil your beautiful clean carpet.
  8. The area is then sprayed with a viricide treatment


    You will receive our 100% satisfaction guarantee!  Our carpet & upholstery cleaning, is the best and most thorough you could ever have – if you don’t agree we won’t accept your payment*.  Any marks reappear we’ll return and re-clean for FREE.  If you’re still not happy we’ll refund every penny!

    *Terms apply

The major carpet manufacturers, throughout the world recommend that carpets are cleaned once a year to help maintain their quality as well as prolong their life. Built up soils, grit and dust can act like sandpaper in your carpet fibres, shortening the lifespan of your carpets and making traffic lanes look faded and worn well before the time you would expect. Investing in professional carpet cleaning and maintenance means your carpets can last longer and you can save money in the long run.

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