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  1. We were asked to carry out an end of tenancy clean yesterday, a 10 year old, 2 bed property,.

    On arrival I found a property that had not been cared for during the tenancy, by the tenant, consequently, it was in very poor state. 

    Particularly, the stair carpet and the only other carpet in the house, in the 2nd bedroom. The tenant, by means unknown, had managed to stain both carpets with oil and tar, no effort had been made to clean up the mess, which is advisable if you are going to call a professional carpet cleaner in to deal with it immediately. 

    But the marks were left untreated, and no vacuuming had taken place, causing a build up of dirt that had then been trodden into the carpet, causing irreparable damage to the pile.

    The client was told empathically that we would not be able to get the stains out, the carpet was trashed and uncleanable and that replacement was the answer.Carpet after being vacuumedUnvacuumed carpet with oil/tar stainsUnvacuumed carpet with oil/tar stains 2

    He shrugged his shoulders and said I thought as much!

    A tip

    When in your home or in rented property, use a vacuum cleaner on your carpets, they are expensive to replace and if left in a state, such as above, they are a hazard to your health !