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Pricing !

The prices we quote are for a standard carpet clean 

We have a minimum charge of £60

Our Prices are for a FULL deep clean, using our 6 step cleaning system &  Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning), as recommended by all leading carpet manufacturers and is  NOT a "Splash & Dash" as offered by some cheaper carpet cleaning companies. We will give you a FREE survey and written quote so you know that there will be no added extras. Upon inspection if there are stains that we know will not be removed by normal carpet cleaning, ie mascara, oil, etc, we can offer specialist stain removal.

Room size max 12'x 12' Lounge diner = 2 rooms

Our clean follows the guidelines on carpet cleaning.

Upholstery cleaning is from:- £35 a seat

2 seater sofa from £70

3 seater sofa from £105

4 seater sofa from £140

For normal fabric fibre upholstery, specialist fibres price on application

All dependent upon fibre & cleaning method




Before we start we make sure we know what your carpet or upholstery type is, so we use the right cleaning process. We also inspect it for spots and stains and give you a hand-written report and quotation, so you know exactly what’s involved upfront with no hidden costs. The best results for your carpets and upholstery can only be obtained via a thorough and professional on-site audit.

Customers are fully briefed at this time, regarding the work to be undertaken to maintain exceedingly high levels of customer satisfaction.


Carpets or upholstery are then  vacuumed with a professional twin motor vacuum cleaner to remove any loose dirt.


The carpet is then pre-sprayed with an appropriate prespray for the fibre type and level of soiling.  This splits the chemical bond between the dirt and the carpet fibres, allowing easy removal. A pre-spray agent when extracted leaves no residue in the fibres, which could attract and trap dirt in the future.


The pre-spray agent  is then gently massaged into the carpet using a Pro 35, Contra Rotating Brush Machine to ensure all fibres are treated. This also mechanically loosens the inground hair, dirt and anything else lurking deep in the pile, further assisting in its later removal.


Your carpet is then cleaned using a High Powered Hot Water Extraction Machine which will include a ph neutralising rinse agent if detergent pre-sprays are used. This simultaneously sprays water under pressure into the fibres, and vacuums up any soil or debris, leaving your carpet beautifully clean and chemical FREE!

6 DRY (if necessary)

We will then fan assist drying of your carpet to ensure that complete drying time is between 2-4  hours approxiamately dependent upon carpet fibre,  (humidity permitting).

Our upholstery cleaning follows a similar process.

So how much will this cost?

Like other companies, we have a minimum charge of £60.

A Free survey and Quote is carried out for every enquiry , not one product or type of cleaning fits all so a pre-inspection is necessary to make sure all your requirements are met. Carrying out a pre-inspection will also determine what type of material your carpet is made from and how best to clean it. Checking the carpet for spots and stains can help to understand what results can realistically be achieved.

The price quoted is the price you pay.

To obtain a FREE in home survey and fully itemised written quote just call on 07483 812 854 or use the contact page 

Extra treatments, including carpet and upholstery protection (Stainguard-type treatments) or sanitising treatments, are £25 per room or £10 per upholstered seat.

Specialist stain removal on carpets is available at extra cost per carpet, dependent upon the size and type of staining.

All prices are fully inclusive There is NO VAT to add to our prices!


You will receive our 100% satisfaction guarantee!  Our carpet & upholstery cleaning, is the best and most thorough you could ever have –.  Any marks reappear we’ll return and re-clean for FREE.  If you’re still not happy we’ll refund every penny! Then if you are still not happy then neither are we! We will pay for any other carpet cleaner to come along and clean your carpets! That is how confident we are that you will be very happy with our work!

Do you think that is more than fair? Call us today for a FREE No Obligation survey and fully written quote

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