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“Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning UK

Whole House Health Care Package


“The Whole House Health Care Package has been designed to deliver thorough cleaning   together with an “Invisible Shield” protecting your family from the damaging pollutants and allergens found in your home. The use of specialised cleaning solutions, treatments and processes focus on delivering a home environment that is ‘baby-safe’”.

Our Most Thorough Cleaning Method Does All This!

  • Removes the dead skin that dust mites live on
  • Pulls pollutants out of your home
  • Restores ‘fluffiness’
  • Improves Softness
  • Breaks down oily dirt’s and residues
  • Brightens colours
  • Flushes out surface odour sources
  • Rinses residues from previous cleaners
  • Dissolves asphalt, gum, wax, shoe polish,
  • Makes traffic lane look clean again
  • Prolongs carpet life
  • Washes out water soluble soils
  • Reverses some oxidisation
  • Washes out returning spots
  • Repels dirt instead of attracting it
  • No harmful chemicals, safe for pets
  • Extracts allergy causing pollens, spores and  mildews

Here’s what we deliver when you ask for The Whole House Health Care Package:

►The most thorough, professional and exhaustive cleaning you’ve ever seen!

►High-Filtration Vacuuming.

►Pre-spotting of all difficult stains

►Heavy-duty pre-spray on all heavily trafficked, oily or greasy areas.

►Twin-vacuum, high-pressure hot water extraction cleaning process.

►Enzyme digester non-chemical rinse.

►Anti-bacterial rinse

►Safe removal of baby “accidents”

►Plus an application of carpet protector; to assist in reducing the opportunity of soil and staining becoming permanent.(Not applicable to non natural fibre carpets)

Call us today and book your Whole House Health Care Package, a typical price would be only £199 for the average sized 3-bedroom property (3 beds, HSL and lounge)


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