A short video showing some of the procedures we use when we come into your home to clean a carpet

The landord of this flat was worried that the carpet were so badly stained he would have to buy neww ones!

A thorough clean changed his mind and I left him a very happy landlord!

A client just moved into a new house but the bedroom carpet was filthy! She tried cleaning it with her Vax carpet washer but it didn't work.
I could see that the problem was a lack of vacuuming by the previous owner. There was a large amount of hair, dirt, sock fluff embedded into the fibres. It needed the combined efforts of a Pr035 CRB and a Rotovac 360I to cure it! result a happy client who didn't have to buy a new carpet!

A young couple had bought a house in Ingol, Preston but couldn't afford new carpets. The existing carpets had been trashed over the years and were in a terrible condition with inground dirt and filth.I explained that due to the condition I was unlikely to get them back to pristine condition, but they would be a lot better than they are!

They agreed I should try and were overjoyed with the result.  

Advice from the National Carpet Cleaners Association